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Florence Utilities Gas Department Contact Information

Florence Utilities Gas Department
650 Rickwood Road
Florence, AL 35630

Telephone: (256) 760-6490 - (256) 767-3430
Fax : (256) 767-1818


Michael Doyle, Manager
Email Michael Doyle

Regina Hall, Administrative Assistant to the Manager
Email Regina Hall

Tim Truitt, P.E.
Email Tim Truitt

Field Operations:
Jerry Bates, Field Supervisor
Email Jerry Bates

Randy Fannin, Public Affairs Coordinator
Email Randy Fannin

Gas Controller:
Dolphus King, Chief Gas Controller
Email Dolphus King

Laura Butler, Administrative Assistant to the Chief Gas Controller
Email Laura Butler

GIS Department:
Stan Pruitt, GIS Gas
Email Stan Pruitt

Larry Grace, GIS Water
Email Larry Grace

Technical Services:
Kenneth Davis, Technical Services Supervisor
Email Kenneth Davis

Reid Ware, Stores/Training Coordinator
Email Reid Ware

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