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The Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is the clean and economical energy chosen by thousands of home owners in Florence, Alabama. Reliable, instant, and responsive. Natural gas the obvious choice for water heating, cooking, and space heating in your home.

  • Never run out of hot water again! Continuous hot water 24 hours a day.
  • Only pay for the gas you use, when you need it.
  • Program the temperature automatically no heating hot water and mixing with cold to get the proper temperature.
  • Spa and Pools heat in half the time using gas.
  • Safe All natural gas appliances include built-in safety features that ensure temperatures are limited to safe levels.
  • Cooking Rapid response and total temperature control, gas ranges and gas ovens.

Advantages of Gas Fireplaces:

  • Gas is cleaner, with no messy ashes to sweep.
  • Gas is easier. Fewer people want to spend time and energy to cut and stack logs.
  • Gas appliances can be installed in any room.
  • Direct-vent units seal the burner and combustion firebox eliminating indoor air quality problems.
  • Gas products look and sound like real wood.
  • Many are up to 90% efficient.

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