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Welcome to the Florence Electricity Department. In addition to providing the most reliable, economical and best electrical service to the people of Lauderdale County, our Department is committed to being customer friendly and dedicated to quick response.

Because our service area is greater than 750 square miles, we're accustomed to handling the needs of our customers.

 We want to provide you with the utmost friendly, professional, and expedient customer service. It is also our hope that you will find us "customer friendly" as we assist you and meet your utility needs.

Did you know that TVA will help you install a central heat and air system? We even have programs that will help you upgrade your electric hot water heater.

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Complete a home energy audit and TVA will send you an energy conservation kit filled with items to help you save energy and reduce your electric bill. You'll also receive a free energy audit report to help you understand where your home is wasting energy - and how you can fix those expensive leaks.

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City of Florence Electricity Department
P.O. Box 877
Florence, AL 35631

Telephone: (256) 760-6300

Fax: (256) 760-6442

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