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Controller's Information

The Controller's Department oversees and coordinates the financial and accounting functions of the City of Florence Utilities Department. The financial activities are separated into three enterprise funds. These are: (1) Electricity, (2) Gas, (3) Water and Wastewater.

Our services are primarily provided internally for the benefit of the three utility operations. These services include financial advice, accounting, budgeting, payroll processing and others.

Copies of recent annual financial reports are available on our website. 

Financial Statements

Below are the latest five audit reports for Florence Utilities.  These audit reports contain audited financial statements for the Electricity Department, the Gas Department, and the Water and Wastewater Department.  The fiscal year for all three departments ends on June 30

Fiscal Year 2010

Fiscal Year 2009

Fiscal Year 2008

Fiscal Year 2007

Fiscal Year 2006

Because the Utilities Department is a department of the City of Florence, our financial statements are incorporated into the City of Florence Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Requests for this report should be made to the City of Florence City Treasurer at (256) 760-6634.

Telephone (256) 740-6087
Fax (256) 760-6542

Vance Young, CPA
Utility Controller

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