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Florence Utilities Staff Directory

Florence Utilities

One Stop Shop

Melissa Bevis - City Services Coordinator / Administrative Assistant

Controller Department

Vance Young - Controller of Utilities
Dorthy Jackson - Assistant Accountant
Pam Gist
- Plant Accountant
Mary Ann Griffin - Accountant
Sabrina Johnson - Assistant Accountant - Payroll
Beth Jordan - Chief Accountant - Electricity
Gail Cassel - Assistant Accountant - Revenue
Mark Lovejoy - Chief Accountant - Gas

Rebecca Patton - Chief Accountant - Water
Denise Davis - Secretary

Customer Service

Kathy Anderson - Customer Service Supervisor


Beth Moody - Collections Coordinator

Information Technology

Steve Price
John Moody
Kenneth Staggs
Keith Hovater
Bryan Mitchell

Electricity Department

Richard Morrissey - Manager
Chip Rasch
- Director of Engineering/Operations
Kyle Boatwright - Staking Technician
Jimmy McCullum - General Foreman, Overhead
Jo Ann Brown - Engineering Services Coordinator
Allen Caddell - Engineer

Ben Crane
- Engineer
Steve Ford - Staking Technician
Norma Hamner - Administrative Assistant
David Harper - Staking Technician
Will Harper - Engineer
Bill Jordan - Maintenance/Safety Coordinator
Ray Landers - GIS/CAD Specialist
Tony Lee - Engineering Aide

Doug Jackson
- Stores/Purchasing
Ben Maharrey - Safety/Insurance
Mary McDuffa - Engineer
Jerry Myrick - General Foreman, Underground

Joseph A. McPhail - Line Clearance Supervisor
Clara Lambert - Energy Coordinator
Office Complex
Alicia Kelsey - Warehouse Service Coordinator

Gas & Water Department

Michael Doyle - Manager
Regina Hall - Administrative Assistant, Manager
Dolphus King - Chief Gas Controller
Laura Butler - Administrative Assistant, Gas Controller
Jerry Bates - Field Operations Supervisor
Kenneth Davis - Technical Services Supervisor
Randy Fannin - Marketing
Lynn Henson - Foreman
Roger Pope - Design Supervisor
Stan Pruitt - GIS (Gas)
Sam Rhodes
- Technical Services
Dwight Spivey - Foreman
Frank Vickery - Foreman
Reid Ware - Stores/Safety Coordinator

Michael A. Hipps - Treatment Plants Superintendent
Larry Grace
- GIS (Water)

Tim Truitt - Gas & Water Engineer
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